Welcome to Ammuud

Our party of adventurers have just arrived on the planet Ammuud, located in the Outer Rim. The planet is filled to bursting with refugees of the previous Mandalorian campaigns outside the Republic’s border. The Mandalorians are strangely quiet in their new-held territories, and many fear that it is the calm before the storm. Other, more short-sighted people believe that the Mandalorian threat is gone and seek to return to the petty squabbles that were placed aside in the face of the greater danger.

The seven ruling clans of Ammuud, long having warred amongst each-other, had finally reached a temporary cease-fire for the duration of the Mandalorian Crisis. With the Mandalorians quieting down substantially, the cease-fire is fraying. Further complicating things, the refugee population is demanding better, more equal treatment, including protection from gangs, price gougers, and other less-than-savory predators. The Republic, fearing to loose access to the starport and staging area, has sent a large contingent of soldiers to keep the peace and protect the starport should violence errupt.

Perhaps the most ominous of all, however, is the rumor of Mandalorian raiders attacking local warehouses and hiding among the refugees.

It’s time to strap your blaster on your hip and bathe your wookiee, because Ammuud is crawling with adventure. Do you think you can keep one step ahead of the Mandalorians to survive and save the day?


Dragonhost Oggron